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The ATP Project's Podcast

Oct 1, 2015

Jeff and Matt discuss their trip to the USA for the recent Olympia and specifically the death of innovation in the supplement industry.  They discuss superfoods, why most multi’s are useless, and why stimulating the activation of NRF2 should be on everyone’s to-do-list.  With missing an episode last week from travelling there are a tonne of FAQs answered on this podcast.


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Julie Quicke
four and a half years ago

Hi. Wondering when the new product mentioned NRF2 activation is available.

Hi Julie, thank you so much for your comment on our podcast, we have many products in our range that activate the NRF2 gene for the antioxidant response element within our cells as a form of free radical scavenging to help protect our body's from oxidative stressors,. These Products are Alpha Prime, Infrared, Cort Rx and Alpha Venus which are the most potent. They also have adaptogenic herbs that help the body adapt to stress so they also cut down oxidative activity by reducing inflammation and stress. :) I hope this helps answer your question,

Have a great day!