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The ATP Project's Podcast

Feb 23, 2015

Welcome to the ATP Project’s first episode!  In this episode Matt and Jeff dive head first into the big topic of FAT LOSS.  They tackle 3 of the most used ingredients in the world discussing their efficacy.  They examine the effects of the thyroid gland in the body and how it can become a major hand break for fat loss, and a whole lot more.


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0:00 – 2:00 :  Introduction to the show

2:00-5:00 : How ATP Science started & why

5:35-7.50 : How do we (ATP Science) develop products?
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7:51-11:05 : Raspberry Ketones – good, bad, hype?

11:06 – 14:08 : Garcinia cambogia – is it being misrepresented and does it actually work?

14:09 – 22:15  : Hormonal imbalances and the effects on fat loss

22:16 – 27:30 : Thyroid and its importance in fat loss (determining your metabolic rate)

27:40 – 29:45  : Where do you start if you want to lose body fat or you are struggling to lose fat?

29:46 – 33:27 : L-Carnitine…?

33:28 – 35:00 : Funny story

35:01 – end :  What’s coming up in the next Episode.