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The ATP Project's Podcast

Dec 28, 2017

In today's Episode Matt, Steve and Jeff invite Patrina Reichman from 'your health your choice', to discuss what is happening with legislation in Australia and Around the world that is eroding your rights. Patrina is a practising Homeopath and discusses what Homeopathy is. Patrina also talks at length about how special interest groups have infiltrated politics to manipulate the truth to further their agenda of destroying peoples rights to use Homeopathy and natural medicines that have been used safely and successfully for hundreds of years. If you believe in freedom of speech, freedom of self-determination and that government, big business and special interest groups should not decide how you live, this podcast is not one to be missed.

As always this information is not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition and is for information purposed only - please discuss any information in this podcast with your health care professional before making any changes to your current lifestyle.

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