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The ATP Project's Podcast

Jan 24, 2023

Increase Growth Hormone - Run or Lift? On this week's episode, Jeff and Steve cover all things growth hormone. Whether you have a growing family member or are working hard at the gym for muscle gains and not getting the desired results, they guys share how to optimise sleep, food, and exercise choices to encourage adequate levels. It is possible to have too much of a good thing and Steve shares how and why this can occur and factors that are in your control. Steve shares the latest research on the type and duration of exercise that gets you the best growth hormone results and the answer might surprise you, Jeff sure was! Steve saves the episode with tricks to support Jeff's preferred workout regime while safely maximising growth hormone to ideal levels with the bonus side effects of increasing strength and brain health. This is a nerdy one guys so get ready! Let us know in the comments section what your burning growth hormone questions are, the team is keen to dive even deeper into this topic in a follow-up episode.


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