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The ATP Project's Podcast

Apr 29, 2016

Just a quick warning - Todays podcast is not for little ears - not that any of our podcasts really are, but this one comes with a warning

Today Matt and Jeff talk about sexual function and satisfaction in Women - and the Herb that has been proven to help.  They also discuss gut health and the Micro-biome and why it's...

Apr 22, 2016

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff get into some listener FAQs covering, menopause, Vitamin absorption issues, Fatty liver, Skin conditions, Haemorrhoids, Menopause and Androgen unbalances in females and a lot more.

They also briefly chat about what's in your supplements and why all supplements are not created equally.


Apr 14, 2016

In todays' controversial episode Matt and Jeff talk about some cracker amino acids everyone should be taking to increase lean muscle mass and one amino acid that you’re probably taking and will want to get off immediately. This popular supplement will destroy your test levels, specifically your free test and ramp...

Apr 12, 2016

In todays podcast Matt and Jeff discuss a pet hate and how social media is helping to enable this divisive action.

But they don’t stay negative for too long and jump into some FAQs that have been long overdue for an answer. They answer questions on Diabetes, MTHFR Gene, Hair Loss, Addisons disease, Fluid retention,...